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All Hail Miss Kaya Kulu!

"I can’t cut you no deals, this is business baby…Don’t try to get one over on me just because I’m a lady…”

It is always fulfilling to hear a good song that exemplifies a WOMAN is in charge and you can’t tell her nothing!

“Black Mary-EP” by Kaya Kalu is all that and more.

In collaboration with Eli Black, Kaya Kulu dropped an EP this past month titled "Black Mary". Eli Black prompted the idea of a 3-track EP to Kaya producing the music and trusting her to bring the songs to life. Each track encompasses poetic lyrics emphasizing love of a black woman. “Vntablck (Mary)” is well equipped with empowering bars to let her listeners know she will not be taken advantage of in any way. She is powerful. She is black. Love is black. The nostalgic beat accents the message as well as it samples Common's "A Song for Assata". With just the right amount of synths and the chill groove behind Kaya’s voice you have no choice but to listen to what she has to say.

Kaya speaks on being nervous on releasing the track initially as she never released a record with her rapping on it before. However, she knew she had a lot to say and fear nor anything else was going to prevent her from getting the message across.

“I wanted to show that Black Women forever have been and always will be the blueprint for everything. We are the foundation, the supporters, the grounders, the earth shattering Queens that people tend to be afraid of. And not just as it stands with Black Women in high status in the world or Black Women with degrees, nah, ALL BLACK WOMEN. We deserve to be respected, point blank. We deserve our flowers. We need to be paid better and it doesn't have to be just monetarily. I mean of course add them extra figures… but it doesn't just have to be money. We deserve to be protected the way that we're protectors. We deserve to be loved the way we love and so much more.”

My personal favorite off the project is “Feel4u”. The song is intriguing to the trained ear as the instrumental is in E flat minor but slightly detuned. Kaya sings over the beat with a melody that works so perfectly. I personally listened to the track a few times solely interested on the smart choices made in the chord changes. In addition to the genius instrumentation, you can immediately rock to the song with Kaya’s captivating hook.

“Black Mary” is truly a work of art. The message, the music, and the artists are creativity at its best. Black Mary is available now on all streaming platforms. Kaya is currently preparing to release another single produced by Klassic K-Man who produced her debut single “Outta Line”. She also plans to drop a fuller project in the near future. You can stay up to date with Kaya Kulu via Instagram @misskayakulu.

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