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Angie Takes Over The City!

It's not everyday you wake up and make the agenda to brighten someone's day, but that seems to be is the daily goal for content creator Angela Auguste!

Growing up in Brownsville,Brooklyn isn't all a bed of roses. Angie has proven herself to be a rose in the concrete jungle. Her acting career began during her undergrad at Brooklyn College where she studied acting in television and film.

A huge challenge Angie had to overcome was lack of self belief.

"Of course I've been lucky to have an amazing support system from friends and family that have always seen my potential. The thing is everyone can see it all they want but until you see it what difference does it make? At the end of 2020 I had hit an all time low and didn't like where my life was heading. I figured if I have one life to live, why have I been living it so half-assed? Nothing is inherently wrong with my life so the only reason I wasn't excelling was because of me. It's a hard pill for many to swallow but I'm honestly glad I crossed that threshold. There's something about seeing the elders of your family gripe about all the things and should and shouldn't have done. It's scary."

Self motivation has definitely motivated Angie to take bigger risk in her career. She is now performing at open mics and jam sessions. She starred in a play festival at the Caveat this summer, excelling in her role as Sasha in the play Unofficial Girlfriends by Daniela Gonzalez Perez.

"My main goal used to be a TV/film actor. I went to Brooklyn College to get training as an actor. I didn't want to pay for acting classes so I figured going to a community College was the best option and it worked! Now that I've graduated four years ago path... the I thought I'd be on as an actor hasn't come to fruition but I've found myself coming back to a specific form of acting; voice over. "

As we review, Angie's Youtube channel "Angie In The City" she created 3 years ago. We can see the development of her craft. Angie has found creative ways to review popular products, drink tutorials, and even short films. Angie is now taking voice over lessons and hopes to take on a few voice over gigs and create specific characters throughout the placement of her voice.

Subscribe to Angie's YouTube channel to stay up to date on her new ventures in 2022 and follow her on Instagram @angieinthecity.

Althea Walker