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City Love NYC Has Nothing But Love for Local Upcoming Artists!

An exhilarating feeling it was indeed to finally get a response from Ms. Kendolyn Walker early this year. I recently sent her an email inquiring about performing for the City Love NYC Artist Showcase. A new year has just begun and I just canceled two show dates due to the holiday covid outbreak. It was a relief to finally have a show lined up and even more rewarding to know it would be less stressful.

After confirming the date, Kendolyn requested my music and a headshot and made the process as easy as possible. Weeks later, the City Love NYC band knew all of my songs and the rehearsal was prompt and professional.

As an upcoming artist, the hardest obstacle we face is receiving the opportunity for people to hear your music. That was the goal back in 2016 while Kendolyn was working with gospel artist, Brandon Camphor. Both Brandon and Kendolyn were looking for a platform to assist local artists in showcasing their talent. They provide the venue, the band, the flier and alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with putting on a show. Six years later and the legacy continues. City Love NYC has remained consistent and continues to open doors for local artist each month.

"...we just want to be that platform for artists to have... just worry about performing and nothing else ..."

The City Love NYC showcase happens once a month. Each month a different artist is featured. City Love NYC drives the culture of live music where the audience has one purpose; to support good music. Being a part of the February 3rd show was encouraging to the say the least. To know there is a community out there rooting for your success motivates you to be successful.

Follow City Love NYC via on Instagram for upcoming shows and performance inquiries.

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