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Daron Lameek Puts June Geminis on the Map

Althea Walker

By now at the Sweet Brooklyn Bar the crowd is lit and energized from all the drinks and good music. A slender gentlemen with neat locs takes the stage and opens his mouth to sing.

You can see the awestruck in the faces of the young audience as he phrases the beginning melody of Al Green's classic “Let's Stay Together.” Despite the fact that I have heard Daron sing the same tune countless of times there are goosebumps on every inch of my arm. The person beside me confirms as he whispers “that boy can sang.”

Daron’s sound is a breath of fresh air, and his latest project “June Gemini“ illuminates his voice capability in the best way possible. The EP consist of six tracks that will have you wanting to hear more. Each track has a different groove but stays grounded in R&B roots. Daron controls the sound in “No Ties” which has a dancehall riddim but has the perfect cadence choices in the melody to crossover as a rhythm and blues hit. Darons infamous ability to master vocal aerobics does not go unnoticed on the project as well. We know for sure he can run down any song but his riff choices on the tracks are subtle giving you just enough to grace the lyrics. “Quietness” is a humble ballad that exemplifies Daron’s range and also satisfies the listeners with soulful guitar chords.

Daron continues to exceed goals and keep the authentic R&B sound on the map. ”June Gemini” is available everywhere music is sold digitally and is currently running around 15,000 streams. As a June Gemini myself, I can say I am truly proud and excited to hear what he does next. Follow Daron on Instagram @daronlameek for updates.