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Don’t Test Ja.

A new sound has spawn from Brooklyn and has made their mark proclaiming she is not to be tested. Ja just dropped her video for her debut single “Test” and trust me sis we don’t want the smoke but are totally here for it. Ja’s sound is original as she teases the beat with a sultry vocal fry.

When the song commences you are immediately captivated as it rolls in with an alarming groove. As Ja graces the track her verses state that she‘s on a new wave and “please don’t test me!”. “Test” backgrounds as the first full song Ja wrote back in 2018. After a positive response from the audience when she performed it a week later at an open mic she began to take her art seriously and released the single November 2020.

“I rap, songwrite, and sing (in that order) fun, funky, stoner R&B/Hip-Hop music… I bring the vibe and everywhere I go.”

The music video is nostalgic as it takes places at various landmarks in her native borough Brooklyn,NY. Fashion is also a huge factor in the video as Ja is styled in various vibrant fits. In the video her character is exemplified in her appearance as it is bold, charismatic, and again not to be tested.

Ja is embarking various ventures as she continues to make music. She is the Founder and Chief Operator of her own coffee and tea brand “Ja’s Dirty Chai”, she is a licensed cosmetologist, and also does spiritual reads.

She is soon to release her new single "Mess". This is one of her first R&B singles. She wrote the song and searched over a year to find the right vocalist for it. However, Anthony Irvin an engineer at Stronger Bond Studios, pushed her to sing her own song. The vibe and Ja's vocals makes the song a definite hit. She currently has it on her demo list and has received so much feedback to explore and discover her voice even deeper. Stay up to date with Ja by joining her website Who know's what Ja has coming for us next.

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