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Dwight Carter Adds Videography to His Resume

Althea Walker

January 15th, Dwight Carter released his fifth video for his latest single "Perfect" featuring Nino Crown. Although, he is no stranger to bringing his music to life through video production. This is his first video directing and editing and it’s safe to say Mr.Carter has talent indeed.

" I guess once I tapped into music engineering, it opened me up to explore my talents a little more."

The video was shot in Middletown, NY.

It started as a test run of Carter taking shots in his backyard and turned into something magical. He chooses just the right amount of angles to depict a subtle but scenic view that flows well with the beat. Dwight Carter is set to release his next project "Rare" later this month and plans to direct and edit more of his music videos in the future. Check out the music video for "Perfect" in the link below.

Watch Dwight Carter ft Nino Crown - Perfect (Official Video)

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