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In the Moment of Anika Dara...

You cannot help but get lost in the music when you hearing Anika Dara's "Enjoy the Moment".

A summer feel indeed... "Enjoy the Moment" gives us all the feels. In one of her verses she describes coasting down a highway with someone special; which is the general vibe of the song. It describes the importance of living in the moment instead of rushing into things.

"Personally to me it reflects the complexity of life & relationships. Taking your time. Being present in the moment..."

Anika voice is just bliss as she graces the R&B dance track. It was inspired by her personal relationship concerns, the dynamic between friendship and romance and taking the time to enjoy the process of walking through life with someone. Not only is the sound angelic entirely, you definitely will bop to the beat as it gives the energy of a Janet Jackson tune.

Anika is currently working on a project she hopes to release in the near future. She looks forward to growing in her skill and artistry. "Enjoy the Moment'" is a perfect example of how talented she really is. Stay up to date with Anika via Instagram @anikadara. "Enjoy the Moment" is available on all streaming platforms.

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