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Keys of Treehouse; Your Innovative Production Company

East New York, Brooklyn a few homes, a few project buildings, but no treehouses. Tony Walker always wanted a treehouse as a kid growing up in the "Pink Houses" in East New York, but this was almost imaginary as there was not enough space for an actual treehouse in the projects. Tony developed a love for music and sound at a young age and taught himself how to play piano.

"Keys of Treehouse is a mixture of what I do in my hiding place. I've always wanted a treehouse...but you can't have those in the projects so this is my treehouse and stage space."

As Tony grew older he began to write and produce his own tracks and pass it along to his close friends and family which encouraged him to enhance his skill. He produced his first album for his younger brother rapper, Dwight Carter which inspired him to do more with his craft.

In 2020, his fiancé helped him start up his own production company which he called Keys of Treehouse to provide various services in music production. Not only does Tony create beats but he provides music lessons for piano, voice, and drums. He offers musical direction for live band events, he mixes and masters recordings and also plays piano professionally.

This is only the beginning, Keys of Treehouse is now an official LLC. Tony is currently building his home studio and coming up with innovative ways on showcasing not only his talents but upcoming artists as well. He is now producing Althea’s debut EP “What’s Love” set to drop Spring 2022.

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