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Linda Does It All!

YouTube has become the immediate source of DIY in the last decade. You can teach yourself how do to just about anything by watching a Youtube video. This began success story of Linda Sanchez-Luna of the "All by Linda" beauty brand.

At the age of 16, Linda taught herself how to do makeup and mastered the skill that she was booked every weekend for quinceañeras, sweet 16s, weddings, proms, and all of the above. She enjoyed making women feel beautiful when her work was done.

Makeup became a side hobby through high school but sadly slowed down when she began to work full time. Shortly after in 2020, the pandemic hit and touching the face was not ideal. With everyone forced at home, no parties, no hair shops, or nail salons, Linda was led back to YouTube and came across the marvel of dip powder,acylic and gel x. She taught herself how to do nails and mastered the skill of nail tech.

"I really like making people feel good about themselves, I love their reaction at the finished product and their appreciation"

Linda now resides in Deer Park, NY and is the go to nail technician in her neighborhood. With the many skills she possess, she has created her own brand for all things beauty called "All by Linda". She continues to do makeup for events, and can also do hair as well. She works on the go now but is working on opening her own salon in the future.

Book Linda for all your beauty needs and stay updated with her future endeavors via Instagram

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