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Mindfreak by ASHTNMRTN Will Blow Your Mind!

It’s the low pressed filter for me! Before ASHTNMRTN’s vocals even grace the track, the low pressed guitar riff captivates you so a skip is way out of the question. By the time the beat drops you’re already bumping as ASHTNMRTN begins his verse. The lyrics are spicy but not enough to turn your mama away. Each melody flows to the beat so you are instantaneously catching the groove.

ASHTNMRTN so graciously describes a “lady of the night” not afraid to get what she wants in bed and some coins as well. “Mind freak cuz she scheming” that’s what he said!

I’m reminded of Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me”. Adina speaks boldly of what she wants between the sheets and does not hold back. ASHTNMRTN’s “Mindfreak” has a similar groove but it sounds like he’s being taken advantage of and willing to pay the price. In any case we are definitely jamming to his cries. He has the ability to epitomize his lower register throughout the song but give us just enough falsetto in the hook to show off his range.

“Mindfreak” is available on all streaming platforms. ASHTNMRTN is also working an upcoming project.

Stay updated with ASHTNMRTN on Instagram @ashtnmrtn.

Watch the music video for “Mindfreak” by ASHTNMRTN