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Reveal BK Electrolysis: Your Best Option for Permanent Hair Removal in NYC!

As human beings it is common to have hair in unwanted places on our body. At the same time, it is uncommon to discuss or find a way to permanently remove these hairs. What we don’t know is that common hair removal treatments such as waxing or plucking may cause the hair to grow thicker and/or never stop growing.

De'Neille Watson was once a victim of unwanted hairs on her neck and chin. She tried many ways of getting rid of these hairs herself and to no avail decided to go to a laser removal consultation wanting to permanently remove those hairs. During the consultation she learned that laser would be the wrong treatment for the hairs that were growing on her face and was referred to electrolysis.

After a successful electrolysis treatment, De'Neille was inspired to become an electrologist herself. She went to school to get her certifications and founded her own electrolysis business called Reveal BK in July 2022.

"I want to emphasize an environment where people feel comfortable in being vulnerable"

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method to remove unwanted hair. The treatment entails of insertion of a disposable probe into the hair follicle that destroys the structure and cells responsible for hair growth.

De'Neille works to educate and empower her clients. As she was once on the other end of the table, she knows how it feels to be left in the dark on options for hair growth beyond our control. Reveal BK services come with a free consultation that you can know what would be best suited for you.

De'Neille’s goal is to expand Reveal BK nationwide as she knows how tedious it might be to find locations for electrolysis treatments. Within a few weeks of opening, RevealBK has nothing but great reviews. Not only does Reveal BK offer a treatment that works but you can guarantee the service is top-notch as De’Neille provides an atmosphere that is welcoming to say the least.

Book an appointment with Reveal BK today at Stay update with De’Neille and Reveal BK on Instagram @revealbkelectrolysis