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Shop Finch!...with Janiece Sutherland

28 year old entrepreneur, Janiece Sutherland has launched a modern boutique and is ready to take on the world. The Finch Shop, was founded in 2020 based on values that empower and enhance women of all backgrounds. The clothing options include some of the latest trends in fashion at an affordable rate.

“The name Finch was inspired by one of my favorite birds, which embodies our values and characteristics: joy, appreciation, high energy, positivity, optimism and simplicity.”

Janiece always had a knack for fashion and design as a young girl. Her desire to pursue a career in the fashion world always took a back seat to life’s requirements and even procrastination. However, the past time of the pandemic pushed her to take the first step in upstarting her business and the rest is history.

A lot of the original designs on The Finch Shop’s line are inspirational which is the vision Janiece has for her boutique. She wishes to not only to sell clothes but to inspire and uplift her customers as well With her designs. The Finch Shop has been featured in Voyage ATL magazine for the first time this year; one of the first of many successes Janiece has accomplished for her brand. She plans to take The Finch Shop abroad and spread positively through her clothing as far as she can. Check out The Finch Shop via Stay up to date with Janiece and The Finch Shop by following @thefinchshop on Instagram!

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