The Blessings of Rey Rey

Althea Walker

Let's take it back to around 2005 in Southside Jamaica Queens. Rejean Smith is no stranger to gun violence and drug dealing as he witnessed the influence gangsta rap had on his community from a young age.

As a child, he loved singing but was a bit shy to exhibit that particular talent as popularity grew from rapping rather than singing in his neighborhood. Rey Rey attended the same middle school as rap legends such as Lloyd Banks and 50 cent. This inspired him and his friends to create a rap group called NYB (The New York Boys). Even though it was just for fun, Rey Rey yearned for the ability to rap so easily as his peers did.

"...growing up I had a lot of influences being Guyanese and living in South Jamaica. I was listening to soca, reggae, and dance hall, calypso but then I was also listening to gangsta rap..."

As Rey Rey grew older he found a love for poetry and putting his feelings and expressions into rhyme. He even used poetry as a way to impress the ladies but still struggled to turn his words into song. It wasn't until Rey Rey's first recording experience that he felt the need to write his own music. He grew tired of singing for other writers and decided to write for himself. Senior year, Rey Rey started to play the guitar and that inspired him to write more. He wrote a song called "Closer to You" and everyone loved it. The result gave him the urge to write more.

When Rey Rey started college, he bought his first mac book and would lock himself in his dorm find beats on Youtube and stay in his room for hours recording on garage band. From then on it's been an ongoing thing.

Rey Rey has now recorded three EP's including his latest "Grace of God" released October 2021. He has performed at various venues in NYC and will release his first music video this year. You can keep up with him on his website and his IG @yoreyreyofficial.

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