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The Culture Candy Brings Visual Art for OUR Culture to NYC

How often do you come cross an art show where the art is inspired by people of color and the artist are people of color as well? "For the culture!" is the best way to summarize the vision for art organization "The Culture Candy".

In 2020, Ashley Miah and Zalika Zeni founded The Culture Candy with the motive of encouraging young minority creatives to pursue their artistic passions through their involvement in community programs and gallery pop ups in NYC. As two female artists of color themselves they understand the struggle firsthand of seeking opportunities in the New York City art world. So they came together with the motive of making a little easier for a young girl with a paintbrush.

"'s in our communities that the arts budgets get cut so providing opportunities through expression and something I am passionate about"

Since starting the organization, The Culture Candy has created a platform for artists, curators and creatives in the underground art scene to express their talents. They have partnered with various curation teams to present artists with opportunities outside of their company. The Culture Candy partakes in community outreach events and raise charitable contributions in efforts to give back to their community. They have also recently partnered with The Summer Youth Employment Program and The School Girl Foundation to educate young artists on jumpstarting their art careers and participate in community projects to uplift NYC as well.

The Culture Candy is currently launching an endeavor called heART Con. This will be an official reoccurring Art Week to NYC starting June 22-27th. heART Con will showcase galleries, artists, curators and everything art. You can stay up to date with The Culture Candy via Instagram @theculturecandy.

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