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Yours Truly…TaliaBC

Art is defined as an expression of feelings and emotions of an individual in any moment in time. When I asked TaliaBC to describe herself as an artist she abstractly answered “I am an undefined artist who oddly defines lines in her work.”

I initially came across Talia’s artwork at the Premier Creative Expo in November 2021. She was a featured visual artist and throughout the event she was literally painting on a human body. It was captivating to say the least how she created art simply through different versions of lines over the skin. Later on when I followed her IG, I was introduced to her style of art that manifested her original description that her talent is not defined. TaliaBC is versatile in her presentation of culture and art. Her art represents us as a people but is intriguing to audiences of any background.

"...use of chaotic backgrounds which draws your eye to the pieces focal point is the best way to describe myself and my art."

TaliaBC was born in Queens, NY and raised in both New York and South Carolina. Her background roots influences her art style as she states is a mixture of urban street art with a southern charm. She never studied her talent professionally but used art as an outlet throughout her life.

TaliaBC is currently working on live body canvas workshops and events. She also wants expand in event planning and decorating services. You can stay up to date with TaliaBC and her art via Instagram @yourstruly_tbc.

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